Altaro Software's blog specifically about Microsoft Hyper-V

  1. Set-VMProcessor has several parameters - you need to get it right to successfully enable nested virtualization on Hyper-V. This quick tip will enlighten you

    Read the post here: Hyper-V Quick Tip: How to Enable Nested Virtualization

  2. When monitoring Hyper-V performance, you often only need specific counter data. Learn to develop performance counter tools based on the information you need

    Read the post here: How to Monitor Hyper-V Performance with PowerShell

  3. Microsoft continues adding new features to Windows Server 2019. Let's have a deeper look at the new features added to Build 17709

    Read the post here: Curious About Windows Server 2019? Here’s the Latest Features Added

  4. Sit back and watch detailed Hyper-V performance reports come in by utilizing Get-CimInstance and Hyper-V Performance counters (includes free PS script)

    Read the post here: How to Create Automated Hyper-V Performance Reports

  5. Our Azure Virtual Machines guide continues this time explaining how to create a network security group and begin to deploy Virtual Machines under Azure.

    Read the post here: The Complete Guide to Azure Virtual Machines: Part 2

  6. Cloud Infrastructure is a great tool but only if used correctly. This blog series explains how to determine a Azure VM workload and how to deploy it

    Read the post here: The Complete Guide to Azure Virtual Machines: Part 1

  7. Confused about which Live Migration transport method to use? Follow this quick tip to correctly configure your hosts for optimal transfers.

    Read the post here: Hyper-V Quick Tip: How to Choose a Live Migration Performance Solution

  8. A synopsis of the new features in Windows Server 2019 preview build 17692 and a commentary on what it brings to the world of IT.

    Read the post here: What’s New in Windows Server 2019 Insider Preview Build 17692

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