Altaro Software's blog specifically about Microsoft Hyper-V

  1. Microsoft specifically supports CentOS for Hyper-V as it turns greater attention to Linux. Here's a guide to using CentOS Linux on Hyper-V!

    Read the post here: CentOS Linux on Hyper-V – The Complete Guide

  2. VM groups can be managed using PowerShell to provide huge benefits, saving time and enabling actions not possible without them. Here are 3 that prove it

    Read the post here: 3 Fundamental Capabilities of VM Groups You Can’t Ignore

  3. Highly requested by our users we are delighted to announce Altaro Physical Server Backup. Available now as freeware!

    Read the post here: Introducing Altaro Physical Server Backup

  4. Azure Bastion Host is a Jump-server as a Service within an Azure vNet. Find out what that means and if this is a service you should be using

    Read the post here: What is Azure Bastion?

  5. The core scheduler provides a strong inter-virtual machine barrier against cache side-channel attacks eg Spectre variants. This guide explains how to use it

    Read the post here: What is the Hyper-V Core Scheduler?

  6. This guide shows you how to create VM groups with PowerShell cmdlet, how to add group members, retrieving groups and members, and potential obstacles

    Read the post here: How to Set Up Hyper-V VM Groups with PowerShell

  7. Platform as a Service brings dynamic and elasticity capabilities to services running in your cloud. Find out how to use Azure stack to deliver PaaS

    Read the post here: How to Provide PaaS Services with Azure Stack

  8. Providing images is a vital step after deploying Azure Stack in your environment as it enables the ability to deploy virtual machines in an IaaS scenario

    Read the post here: How to Provide IaaS Images with Azure Stack

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