Altaro Software's blog specifically about Microsoft Hyper-V

  1. Everything in PowerShell is essentially an object. This enables you to do really cool stuff. Here are some excellent uses that Hyper-V admins will love!

    Read the post here: How to Supercharge PowerShell Objects for Hyper-V

  2. You can now back up SharePoint Online and One Drive for Business files in Altaro Office 365 Backup. Start your free 30-day trial today!

    Read the post here: New Features Added to Altaro Office 365 Backup for Businesses

  3. Simple changes to your hardware settings can drastically improve Hyper-V performance. Find out what you need to change to optimize your Hyper-V environment.

    Read the post here: 6 Hardware Tweaks that will Skyrocket your Hyper-V Performance

  4. Genuine high-availability covers outages and long-term failures. Learn how dynamic quorum automatically sets the nodes needed to keep workloads running

    Read the post here: What is Quorum Vote Weight in a Windows Server Failover Cluster?

  5. A Hyper-V virtual switch is the first step to getting your VM on the network, here's all you need to know about planning and operating virtual switches.

    Read the post here: What is the Hyper-V Virtual Switch and How Does it Work?

  6. Managing hot/cold storage is similar to memory cache but on a big scale. These are the key components required to deploy tiered storage in your datacenter.

    Read the post here: How to Create and Manage Hot/Cold Tiered Storage

  7. Discover the latest site availability and fault domain features in Windows Server 2019 plus resiliency and fault domain awareness with Storage Spaces Direct

    Read the post here: How to Customize Site-Aware Clusters and Fault Domains

  8. Most admins know a quorum has something to do with running servers, but this blog post explains its importance and how to configure for failover clustering

    Read the post here: How to Configure a Quorum Cloud Witness for Failover Clustering

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