Altaro Software's blog specifically about Microsoft Hyper-V

  1. PowerShell expert Jeff Hicks continues his exploration of displaying data from Hyper-V performance counters with a number of powerful PowerShell techniques

    Read the post here: How to Monitor VM Memory Pressure with PowerShell

  2. Fredrik Nilsson from Dell EMC shares his expert knowledge about Azure Stack discussing ideal use cases and how the technology can be used to its maximum

    Read the post here: Microsoft MVP Fredrik Nilsson on Azure Stack [Video Interview]

  3. Windows Sandbox combines features of virtual machines and containers to produce a lightweight, transient virtual machine. Learn how to use it properly here

    Read the post here: What is Windows Sandbox Mode in Windows 10?

  4. Microsoft MVP Dave Kawula explains what is Storage Spaces Direct and how it can help you simplify the deployment and management of software-defined storage

    Read the post here: Microsoft MVP Dave Kawula on Storage Spaces Direct [Video Interview]

  5. Step by step guide to installing Windows Server 2019 and then installing Hyper-V. Get up and running in no time with this visual walkthrough! 👨‍💻

    Read the post here: How to Install Hyper-V on Windows Server 2019 {Visual Guide}

  6. This PowerShell script updates integration services on older systems e.g. Windows 7 guests of a 2012 R2 host filling in the gaps that Windows Update misses

    Read the post here: Free PowerShell Script for Hyper-V: Integration Services on Older Systems

  7. A lot happened to Microsoft in 2018 - here's the highlights plus my predictions for what's in store for Microsoft in 2019

    Read the post here: Microsoft in 2018: Year in Review (and Predictions for 2019)

  8. Quickly identify problems with MAC addresses in Hyper-V with this free PowerShell script plus instructions on how to use it

    Read the post here: Free PowerShell Script for Hyper-V: Detect MAC Address Conflicts

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