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  1. The first part of this series on Storage Spaces Direct addresses the fundament question - what is it and why is it useful? S2D was originally included in Windows Server 2016 but has experienced a huge surge in adoption lately. Find out why.

    Read the post here: Storage Spaces Direct Series Part 1 – What is S2D?

  2. When it comes to computing, we always have another way. Sometimes, we have so many ways that you can become paralyzed with indecision. This article gives some clear guidelines for the usage of containers and virtual machines as well as a look at Nano Server's place in the world.

    Read the post here: How to Choose the Right Deployment Strategy

  3. So you've installed Hyper-V, now what? Here's 7 steps to get you get up and running in no time and set yourself on the path to Hyper-V greatness. Includes basic steps to setting up a VM, configuring settings, basic networking tips and next steps.

    Read the post here: The ABC of Hyper-V – 7 Steps to Get Started

  4. Introducing the newly-announced Windows Server 2019 public preview. Covers the new features and includes a discussion on their impact. Should you be excited or worried about the next installment of Windows Server?

    Read the post here: Windows Server 2019 Preview: What’s New and What’s Cool

  5. Not everyone has the option of paying for enhanced Hyper-V control software. Fortunately, you can set up your own template system without paying for more than you already have.

    Read the post here: How to Create Virtual Machine Templates with Hyper-V Manager

  6. Should Hyper-V be in the domain? Can Hyper-V host its own domain controller? Eric Siron confronts some potentially crippling myths about Hyper-V and domain controllers in this video and also boots up an instance to put these mistruths to rest

    Read the post here: [VIDEO] Hyper-V Masterclass – Debunking Virtual Domain Controller Myths

  7. The update is here! We've listened to your feedback and are delighted to be bringing some amazing new features to our popular virtual backup solution Altaro VM Backup!

    Read the post here: Announcing the latest update to Altaro VM Backup: Continuous Data Protection

  8. Traditionally, the preferred choice for a cluster quorum witness has been some type of networked disk. Small SAN LUNs do the trick nicely. Things have changed a bit, increasing the viability of the file share witness. You can configure one easily in a few simple steps.

    Read the post here: How to Configure a File Share Witness for a Hyper-V Cluster

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