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  1. Azure Lighthouse changes how MSPs operate their businesses through its centralized multi-tenant management. Add Azure Services integration for another level

    The post 11 Rad Ways Azure Lighthouse Integrates with Azure Services appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  2. Discover how the Azure Delegated Resource Management (ASDM) service and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) technologies power Azure Lighthouse

    The post Azure Lighthouse Core Services appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  3. Azure Lighthouse enables trusted users to manage all Azure resource from within a single interface. Find out what that means with a look at its key features

    The post What is Azure Lighthouse? appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  4. We've added full support for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business to our popular Office 365 Backup service for Managed Service Providers. Try it now free

    The post SharePoint and OneDrive for Business in Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  5. Kubernetes MiniKube is a local single-node deployment perfect for test/dev scenarios. It's the fastest way to a test Kubernetes deployment on Windows Server

    The post How to Install Kubernetes MiniKube appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  6. A master services agreement is the foundation of a strong defensive Strategy for an MSP and establishing how you conduct business. Here's what must be in it

    The post How to Create Your First Master Services Agreement appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  7. It's a big question. In this post we run down the major pros and cons of each hypervisor in terms of features relevant to a Managed Service Provider

    The post Hyper-V vs. VMware – What is Best for Your MSP? appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  8. A Master Services Agreement is utilized when an entire business function is being outsourced to a vendor. It's vital for MSPs starting out with a new client

    The post Do I Need a Master Services Agreement? appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  9. Windows Virtual Desktop is a Multi-User Windows 10 Enterprise experience virtualized in Azure. It inc office & can be spun up with a consumption-based model

    The post What is Windows Virtual Desktop? appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  10. Azure Automation is a great tool for Managed Service Providers with log monitoring, encrypted credentials, & Hybrid Cloud Versatility. Here's how to use it!

    The post How to Use Azure Automation Runbooks for MSP Customers appeared first on MSP Dojo.

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