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  1. Windows Virtual Desktop is a Multi-User Windows 10 Enterprise experience virtualized in Azure. It inc office & can be spun up with a consumption-based model

    The post What is Windows Virtual Desktop? appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  2. Azure Automation is a great tool for Managed Service Providers with log monitoring, encrypted credentials, & Hybrid Cloud Versatility. Here's how to use it!

    The post How to Use Azure Automation Runbooks for MSP Customers appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  3. Learn what a container orchestrator does, a review of the major orchestrators currently available and how they are used

    The post What is a Container Orchestrator? appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  4. Top quality engineers are a rare commodity for MSPs. Here's the top 5 reasons why top engineers leave and how to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

    The post 5 Reasons Why Top Engineers Quit MSPs (and How to Keep them) appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  5. This blog will help you understand why SMB1 is unsafe, how to detect if it is still being used, and show you ways to mitigate the risks

    The post Security Bulletin MS17-010 | Why MSPs Need To Turn Off SMB1 appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  6. Zombieload is a new speculative execution variant affecting Intel chips as old as 2011. MSPs beware! Here's what you need to know and the patches you need

    The post Zombieload – The New Vulnerability MSPs Need to Worry About appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  7. Windows 10 is fast becoming the industry standard and businesses are facing practical challenges e.g. deploying to thousands of users. Enter Sysprep.

    The post Sysprep Windows 10 & Hyper-V Templates for Quick Deployments appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  8. This article covers the differences between Docker Community Edition vs. Enterprise Edition and assesses which better for the needs of MSPs

    The post Docker Community Edition vs. Enterprise Edition appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  9. A run-down of the pros & cons of the two major architectural configurations MSPs need to understand before deciding which will suit their customers best

    The post Containers vs. Serverless Architecture – Which Should Your MSP Use? appeared first on MSP Dojo.

  10. The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is an initiative from Microsoft for MSPs as a better way to support their customers. Find out more here

    The post Intro to the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program appeared first on MSP Dojo.

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