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  1. Latest episode - listen now! Solid cybersecurity advice in plain English.
  2. Those numbers that show up on your phone to tell you who's calling? Treat them as SUGGESTIONS, never as PROOF.
  3. It was a zero-day bug until Patch Tuesday, now there's an anyone-can-use-it exploit. Don't be the one who hasn't patched.
  4. GoDaddy found crooks in its network, and kicked them out - but not before they'd been in there for six weeks.
  5. The world fills up with cybersecurity tips every year when Black Friday comes round. But what about the rest of the year?
  6. Be aware before you share! That's a good rule for developers and techies, just as much as it is for social media addicts.
  7. Latest episode - listen now!
  8. Apple's "Protect Mail Activity" is a handy privacy enhancement for your messaging habits. As long as you know its limitations...
  9. Apparently, we need a self-driving IoT Bluetooth robot suitcase. Who knew?
  10. "Old malware rarely dies." The best way to predict the future is to look at the past... if it worked before, it will probably work again.

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