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  1. Increasingly complex attacks coupled with a shortage in skills and budget are worrying IT managers across the globe.
  2. Humans are listening to our recordings - some made by mistake - to improve speech recognition. But they're not as anonymous as Google says.
  3. This is either a minor controversy blown out of proportion, or the latest example of Microsoft’s disregard for its users’ wishes.
  4. Apple disabled the app after somebody reported a bug - not exploited yet - that could allow an eavesdropper to listen in on another iPhone.
  5. “We don’t need to regulate it, we need to ban it entirely.”
  6. Intel has issued security updates for two of its products which enterprise and expert users will want to patch as soon as possible.
  7. Less than two months after warning of cybersecurity problems on ships, the US Coast Guard has revealed that a large international vessel has suffered a cyberattack.
  8. The ICO isn't pulling its punches: The penalty for BA's data breach is about 367 times higher than the previous record-setting fine.
  9. Mozilla was nominated for an "Internet Villain" award - and The People Of The Internet were not pleased
  10. Patch Tuesday July 2019 offers fixes for a total of 77 vulnerabilities, including 15 marked critical, rounded out by two zero-day flaws.

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