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  1. Kubernetes, a tool that powers much modern native cloud infrastructure, just got its first big security bug - and it’s a mammoth one.
  2. Hackers have compromised data from the accounts of 100 million users of question and answer site
  3. Grandkid imposters are managing to finagle a skyrocketing amount of money out of people, the FTC warns.
  4. #TumblrIsDead? Tumblr is banning adult content in an effort to be safer, better, “more positive”.
  5. Researchers demonstrate Cache-like ATacks against RSA key exchange.
  6. Sending pics of your bits to strangers could get you a year in jail and/or a $1K fine if this NYC bill gets passed.
  7. Zoom moved to patch a bug in its service this week that enabled people to hijack customer video conferences.
  8. Max Ray Vision says he's innocent of owning the phone used to orchestrate the scheme and ripping off debit cards to fund the drone purchase.
  9. Printers worldwide printed messages urging people to subscribe to the vlogger's YouTube channel in a demo of a well-known vulnerability.
  10. The UPnProxy router compromise uncovered earlier in 2018 is now being used to attack computers on networks connected to the same gateways.

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