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  1. Instagram users have been receiving odd messages from followers expressing shock that their accounts have somehow ended up on something called the “Nasty List.”
  2. Law enforcement officials in the US have been routinely mining Google’s location history data for criminal investigations.
  3. A group of hackers that doxxed thousands of federal law enforcement employees last week has struck again.
  4. Numerous enterprise VPN clients could be vulnerable to a potentially serious security weakness that could be used to spoof access.
  5. An ancient WinRAR vulnerability made public in February is now well on its way to becoming one of the most widely and rapidly-exploited security flaws of recent times.
  6. After three years of embarrassing rejection, might Microsoft’s newly-Chromed Edge browser be on the up?
  7. UK police are planning to issue online warnings to young gamers hoping to deter them from a life of cybercrime, they revealed last week.
  8. Researchers have discovered several holes in a new security protocol for wireless networks.
  9. From hidden cameras in Airbnb rentals to iPads locked for 48 years - here's everything we wrote last week.
  10. One week out from Easter, and Facebook's Oculus subsidiary has admitted a "hidden message Easter Egg" gone wrong. Coincidence? Or...

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