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  1. In part 2 of our guide to scripted ESXi deployments, we automate the ESXi install by configuring our ISO to automatically look for the kickstart script

    Read the post here: How to Configure ESXi Unattended Installations: Part 2

  2. Do you work with HP Proliant hardware? This guide will make ESXi deployments a breeze.

    Read the post here: Bare Metal Deployment of ESXi on HP Proliant Hardware: Part 1

  3. Automating your ESXi builds is a great way of gaining efficiency and standardization. In part 1 of 2 we create the kickstart file and test it on an ESXi deployment

    Read the post here: How to Configure ESXi Unattended Installations: Part 1

  4. Is vSphere HTML5 Client now superior to vSphere Web Client? Or is there still room for both? Let's get down to the details.

    Read the post here: An Introductory Guide to vSphere HTML5 Client

  5. PowerShellGet enables simple package management on a Windows platform via the command line. It's a super convenient way to install programs without setup files!

    Read the post here: How to Install PowerCLI in Windows via PowerShellGet [Video]

  6. When working with an unfamiliar VMware environment you may need to use the out-of-band management system of a host and find yourself unable to find any information on the IP configuration.

    Read the post here: Finding ESXi iLO/iDrac Information with PowerCLI

  7. vSphere 6.7 has been officially released! The update features several new tools and alongside modifications to existing ones. But is it worth upgrading now or waiting?

    Read the post here: What’s New in vSphere 6.7? Should I Upgrade?

  8. Get-VIEvent allows you to collect event information in a VCenter environment. This is super useful for quickly filtering through logs when diagnosing an issue or for automating VM deployments

    Read the post here: PowerCLI Cmdlet Review: Get-VIEvent

  9. This post is going to explain and cover a few things I WISH I had known when I started. Some cold hard truths. Lessons I have learned over the years! The fact is, sometimes you learn by fire. You set a fire and learn how to put it out.

    Read the post here: Starting out with VMware? 6 Things I Wish I Knew

  10. What are RDM disks and how why do we need them? This guide explains why using RDM disks makes sense for creating vSphere VMs in certain situations as well as a simple walkthrough on how to use them in practice.

    Read the post here: How to create vSphere VMs with RDM disks

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