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  1. This article covers what is per-VM EVC, typical per-VM EVC troubleshooting problems, and how to enable Per-VM EVC. A guide to getting started

    Read the post here: How to Configure and Enable Per-VM EVC | Troubleshooting Guide

  2. The 25 most important log files and the various tools that you can use to keep track of your VMware environment. Essential resource for VMware system admins

    Read the post here: 25 Log Files That Will Transform Your vSphere Troubleshooting

  3. vSphere Virtual Hardware Version 14 new features include NVDIMM, Virtual TPM, Per-VM EVC. Learn more about these exciting additions here

    Read the post here: What’s New in vSphere Virtual Hardware Version 14

  4. Wait-Tools communicates with a VM through the hypervisor layer. This makes it the perfect fit for deployment operations amongst other important use cases.

    Read the post here: Supercharging your PowerCLI Scripts with Wait-Tools

  5. This post has been written for people migrating from a Windows-based vCenter deployment to the vCSA (vCenter Server Appliance)

    Read the post here: How to Migrate Windows vCenter to VCSA 6.7

  6. For part 2 of our series, we will assess host options for a VMware home lab. Here are 3 solid options, their pros and cons and what you'll need to set up!

    Read the post here: How to Build a VMware vSphere 6 Home Lab: Host Options

  7. Before deploying SQL Server inside a VM on vSphere, first assess the business needs and application workloads for the deployments you want to support

    Read the post here: Best Practices for Running SQL Server on vSphere

  8. A Home Lab enables you to test configurations without compromising important activities. In this multi-part series we start with storage for your home lab

    Read the post here: How to Build a VMware vSphere 6 Home Lab: Storage Options

  9. It's definitely a niche tool, but one that will come in handy if you run into an environment with external Platform Services Controllers

    Read the post here: vCenter Server Converge Tool: What is it and why should I use it?

  10. At VMworld 2018, the new features in vSphere 6.7 Update 1 were presented with some very exciting additions to the vSphere suite! Get the breakdown here!

    Read the post here: What’s new in vSphere 6.7 Update 1

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