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  1. In this guide you'll learn how to get started with Get-LicenseDataManager, add a license to a datacenter object, and remove and replace licenses

    Read the post here: How To Apply vSphere Licensing With PowerCLI

  2. vSphere Integrated Containers version 1.4 is a huge upgrade to the product from last year. Learn how to get started with host containers in vSphere 6.7 here

    Read the post here: Getting Started with vSphere Integrated Containers in vSphere 6.7

  3. Most VMware admins add the requested CPU and Memory when setting up VMs and go along their merry way. But the better ones know there is more to it than that

    Read the post here: These vSphere Configurations Will Slow Down Your VMs

  4. vSphere 6.7 is out and it's time to upgrade to vCenter Appliance 6.7. Here's how plus some things not mentioned in the installation wizard

    Read the post here: How to Upgrade VCSA to vCenter 6.7: A Visual Guide

  5. Part 3 of our ESXi on HP Proliant series is where all the magic happens. We will customize the deployment script [included here] and finally give it a run.

    Read the post here: Bare Metal Deployment of ESXi on HP Proliant Hardware: Part 3

  6. Linux's popularity with system admins is growing and with PowerCLI installed on your Linux endpoint, you can easily continue supporting vSphere.

    Read the post here: How to Install PowerCLI on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS

  7. For the release of our latest VMware eBook "Mastering vSphere" we talk to author Ryan Birk on being a VMware trainer and what lies in store for readers.

    Read the post here: Interview with Ryan Birk – Author of “Mastering vSphere” [Video]

  8. Part 2 of our ESXi guide on HP Proliant and we're getting down to business - building our RAID configuration ISOs and our ESXi install ISO. Let's do this!

    Read the post here: Bare Metal Deployment of ESXi on HP Proliant Hardware: Part 2

  9. The update is here! We've listened to your feedback and are delighted to be bringing some amazing new features to our popular virtual backup solution Altaro VM Backup!

    Read the post here: Announcing the latest update to Altaro VM Backup: Continuous Data Protection

  10. In part 2 of our guide to scripted ESXi deployments, we automate the ESXi install by configuring our ISO to automatically look for the kickstart script

    Read the post here: How to Configure ESXi Unattended Installations: Part 2

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