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  1. This post is going to explain and cover a few things I WISH I had known when I started. Some cold hard truths. Lessons I have learned over the years! The fact is, sometimes you learn by fire. You set a fire and learn how to put it out.

    Read the post here: Starting out with VMware? 6 Things I Would Have Wanted To Know

  2. What are RDM disks and how why do we need them? This guide explains why using RDM disks makes sense for creating vSphere VMs in certain situations as well as a simple walkthrough on how to use them in practice.

    Read the post here: How to create vSphere VMs with RDM disks

  3. One of the most common questions I receive on the daily management of virtual machines is if you should turn on hot-add features and why doesn't VMware turn them on by default. The answer is very clear.

    Read the post here: VMware Hot-Add: How and When to Use it

  4. Forgetting passwords can be a big pain. According to VMware if you lose your ESXi password you have to re-install but there is another way. Learn how you can reset the ESXi root password without having to reinstall ESXi from scratch.

    Read the post here: How to Reset the ESXi Root Password

  5. Being in a position to perform an ESXi backup and restore to a known working configuration is always good. Learn how to do this using 3 simple command-line techniques.

    Read the post here: 3 ESXi Backup Methods using the Command-Line

  6. Being able to roll back to a previous ESXi version is a blessing when facing a failed upgrade or intermittent issues thereafter. Find out how in the walkthrough featuring screengrabs and video explanations

    Read the post here: How to Roll Back to a Previous ESXi Version

  7. Using Linux as an iSCSI target server is a great way to add shared datastores in your vSphere environment. Jason's post explains how to do this the easy way.

    Read the post here: How to Add a Linux iSCSI Target to ESXi

  8. vSAN is a super cool storage feature that's integrated into the ESXi host. But the real magic of vSAN lies in how it works. Knowing this is not only interesting but also helps when things go wrong.

    Read the post here: How it Works: Understanding vSAN Architecture Components

  9. This guide is a result of setting up countless ESXi hosts and outlines the essential items you need to check before installing ESXi. Also includes common installation error messages for troubleshooting

    Read the post here: The Ultimate Pre-Install ESXi Host Setup Checklist

  10. vSphere Mobile Watchlist is a mobile application that allows the user to manage and monitor your hosts and virtual machines while on the go. Sounds great, but does it live up to the promise?

    Read the post here: How To Monitor Your vSphere VMs On The Go

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