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  1. It's definitely a niche tool, but one that will come in handy if you run into an environment with external Platform Services Controllers

    Read the post here: vCenter Server Converge Tool: What is it and why should I use it?

  2. At VMworld 2018, the new features in vSphere 6.7 Update 1 were presented with some very exciting additions to the vSphere suite! Get the breakdown here!

    Read the post here: What’s new in vSphere 6.7 Update 1

  3. The PowerCLI cmdlet Get-Log enables quick searches through an ESXi host logs - super handy when troubleshooting VMware issues. Find out how to use Get-Log

    Read the post here: How to Use Get-Log for Parsing Logs

  4. Quick Boot allows restarting only the hypervisor instead of going through a full reboot of the ESXi host hardware including a full POST

    Read the post here: Why Quick Boot in vSphere 6.7 is a Big Deal

  5. Deploying applications on a container platform gives them the ability to package applications inside "containers"

    Read the post here: How to Run Real Workloads with vSphere Integrated Containers

  6. These 5 announcements from VMWorld 2018 stole the show and showed why VMware continues to be a leader in virtualization every year

    Read the post here: 5 Biggest Announcements from VMWorld 2018

  7. Fault tolerance enhances protection of a VM & provides better business continuity than failover alternatives. Learn how to set up vSphere Fault Tolerance

    Read the post here: How to Set Up and Use vSphere Fault Tolerance

  8. In this guide you'll learn how to get started with Get-LicenseDataManager, add a license to a datacenter object, and remove and replace licenses

    Read the post here: How To Apply vSphere Licensing With PowerCLI

  9. vSphere Integrated Containers version 1.4 is a huge upgrade to the product from last year. Learn how to get started with host containers in vSphere 6.7 here

    Read the post here: Getting Started with vSphere Integrated Containers in vSphere 6.7

  10. Most VMware admins add the requested CPU and Memory when setting up VMs and go along their merry way. But the better ones know there is more to it than that

    Read the post here: These vSphere Configurations Will Slow Down Your VMs

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