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  1. ESET research shows that DanaBot operators have been expanding the malware’s scope and possibly cooperating with another criminal group

    The post DanaBot evolves beyond banking Trojan with new spam-sending capability appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  2. ESET researchers discovered a set of previously undocumented Linux malware families based on OpenSSH. In the white paper, “The Dark Side of the ForSSHe”, they release analysis of 21 malware families to improve the prevention, detection and remediation of such threats

    The post The Dark Side of the ForSSHe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  3. Fitness-tracking apps use dodgy in-app payments to steal money from unaware iPhone and iPad users

    The post Scam iOS apps promise fitness, steal money instead appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  4. A welcome return to the hacker conferences of yesteryear

    The post CyberwarCon – focusing on the impact of cyber-badness appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  5. Defensive steps for Marriott Starwood guests worried their personal information may have been compromised by the massive data breach

    The post Marriott Starwood data breach: 5 defensive steps travelers should take now appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  6. A recent survey carried out by ESET has revealed that Americans are worried most about cyberattacks on the financial sector, listing it above attacks against hospitals, voting systems, or energy supply companies

    The post Cyberattacks on financial sector worries Americans most appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  7. International law enforcement swoops on fake ad viewing outfit. Cyber Monday spam from Emotet. German chat site fined after GDPR data breach

    The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  8. The hacking and extortion scheme took place over a 34-month period with the SamSam ransomware affecting over 200 organizations in the US and Canada

    The post US indicts two over SamSam ransomware attacks appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  9. International law enforcement swoops on fake ad viewing outfit

    The post 3ve – Major online ad fraud operation disrupted appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  10. The country’s first fine under GDPR is lower than might have been expected, however, as the company was acknowledged for its post-incident cooperation and enhanced security measures

    The post German chat site faces fine under GDPR after data breach appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

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