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  1. This week, ESET researchers described an ongoing campaign that targets accountants in the Balkans and spreads both a backdoor and a remote access trojan

    The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  2. Does true Artificial Intelligence even exist yet? Will it ever exist or will it end the world before we reach its full capacity?

    The post AI: Artificial Ignorance appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  3. Unlike BlueKeep, however, these vulnerabilities affect more recent Windows versions, including Windows 10

    The post Microsoft warns of new BlueKeep‑like flaws appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  4. ESET researchers discovered a campaign that uses two malicious tools with similar capabilities to ensure both resilience and broader potential for the attackers

    The post In the Balkans, businesses are under fire from a double‑barreled weapon appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  5. After welcoming hacking research, automobile technology started to get better at defending against hacks. So why has the airline industry not been as welcoming?

    The post Hacking my airplane – BlackHat edition appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  6. This week, ESET researchers described a cyberespionage campaign against government targets in Latin America and the ins and out of a spambot targeting French internet users

    The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  7. The legal action, brought over alleged click injection fraud, is said to be among the first of its kind

    The post Facebook hits two app developers with lawsuit appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  8. ESET researchers document malware-distributing spam campaigns targeting people in France

    The post Varenyky: Spambot à la Française appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  9. Up to 30 percent of romance fraud victims in 2018 are estimated to have been used as money mules

    The post FBI warns of romance scams using online daters as money mules appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  10. ESET research uncovers a cyberespionage operation targeting Venezuelan government institutions

    The post Sharpening the Machete appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

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