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  1. The challenges facing critical infrastructure systems

    The post RSA 2018: Hacking the grid appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  2. Simply throwing more staff at the patching problem won’t cut it, a study suggests.

    The post Rough patch, or how to shut the window of (unpatched) opportunity appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  3. Securely keeping track of data and security applications

    The post RSA 2018: Untangling the enterprise security mess appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  4. Can the electoral processes be protected?

    The post Trends 2018: Democracy hack appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  5. An interview with ESET’s Lukáš Štefanko on the thin line between what deserves the name “security app” and what can be called fake.

    The post Fake or not fake – that is the question appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  6. As Internet crime knows no borders, mutual legal assistance involving various nations and, by extension, requests for extraditing suspected cyber-offenders are sometimes part and parcel of prosecution efforts.

    The post Quarterly cybercrime digest: Extraditions and more appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  7. The long arm of the law caught up with a number of cybercriminals in the first three months of this year.

    The post Quarterly cybercrime digest: Sentencing appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  8. An unusual ransomware request has been uncovered by researchers.

    The post This ransomware wants you to play, not pay appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  9. A closer look at Anti-Malware tests and the sometimes unreliable nature of the process.

    The post Anti-Malware testing needs standards, and testers need to adopt them appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

  10. In Part 1, our roundup of some of the most notable law enforcement actions against computer crime in the first quarter of 2018 will focus on arrests and charges involving suspected cyber-crooks.

    The post Quarterly cybercrime digest: Arresting and charging appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

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